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Chimney Sweep

For all your Chimney Sweeping needs. WightSweep can sweep and clean Open Fires & Log Burners. Lined Flues and much more. WightSweep are APICS approved.

Log and Multi Fuel Stove Installations 

We are able to install Log Burner & Multi fuel stoves transforming your old open fireplace into a modern economical heating appliance. OFTEC registered solid fuel installer.

Service and Spares

We are able to offer a service as well as source and fit most replaceable parts for the most common reputable manufactured stoves.

CCTV Inspections

We have the facility to do CCTV inspections on the integral part of your chimney if required. Very popular with Thatch Property Insurance.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds can be a pest and completely block your chimney but we are able to remove and prevent this from happening in the future.

Flue Liner Installation 

Stainless Steel Flexible Flue Liners supplied & fitted for a safer flue system.

Cowl & Bird Cage Supply and Installation 

Various Bird Cages / Chimney Cowls / Anti Downdraught Cowls can be supplied & fitted

Stove Refirbishment 

We can renew your tired looking stove to its former glory in all colours without removing the appliance.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds can be a pest and completely block your chimney but we are able to remove and prevent this from happening in the future.

Have a Wight Sweep Wedding

In Great Britain it is considered to bring good luck, wealth and happiness to the newly weds to see a chimney sweep on your wedding day

Traditionally this is a gift arranged by a friend or relative. In pursuance of this tradition Andy / Matt and Lewis are proud to offer a lucky sweep for weddings. Prices for this service start at £125. Your sweep will arrive at either the church or reception of your choice. He will be dressed in Vintage clothing with scarf and Top Hat. You will also receive a lucky charm or gift. It is good luck for the groom to shake the hand of the groom and kiss the bride. This is all where the words come from in Disneys “ Mary Poppins” chim chim cheree song.

Isle of Wight wedding

Where did the tradition arise from?

The most popular tale is that in the year 1066, King William was walking along a London street with his entourage when a carriage, out of control, headed straight for him.

A chimney sweep happened to be nearby and pushed the king out of the way, saving his life. King William was so grateful for the act that he invited the chimney sweep to his daughter’s wedding, declared chimney sweeps to be lucky and that they would be the only service profession allowed to wear top hats, which were previously only worn by royalty and the gentry.

I suspect that this tale, however, got mixed up with a later version involving King George since top hats weren’t popular until the 1700’s.

This legend occurred with King George in the 1700’s. As the king was riding his horse in a procession a growling dog appeared, startling his horse and causing the king to lose control of the horse’s halter.

A chimney sweep came to his aid, grabbed the halter, calmed the animal, and saved the king for falling. Although the sweep disappeared into the crowd, King George II decided to reward him by declaring that all chimney sweeps are lucky and awarded them the honour of wearing a top hat.

We abide by the highest standards

You can be rest assured the work you have carried out is of quality and high standard.
Wight Sweep are members of the largest associations in the market.

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